admin December 13, 20147:49 am

Morning all!

We’re expecting to hear the result of the leadership and deputy leadership elections at around 10.30 this morning.

We’ll be live from the venue from 10am and will try to keep you fully informed throughout.

Join us!

admin December 13, 20149:35 am

Cameras whirring and crowds gathering at the Emirates Arena this morning. Top quality bacon rolls available from the cafe too. 🙂

admin December 13, 20149:49 am

I think it’s fair to say the mood here is that we’re not expecting any surprises this morning. But leadership elections can throw up shocks, so no chickens are being counted… Yet…

admin December 13, 201410:00 am

Room now filling up. I’d post a photo but I don’t seem to be able to on this phone…

admin December 13, 201410:02 am

The first announcement is expected at around 10.30 and that will be the deputy leader. Fair to say there is a clear expectation that Kezia Dugdale will win that two-way contest with Katy Clark.

admin December 13, 201410:16 am

Members of Neil’s campaign team taking a final opportunity to brief the press. Rather unnecessarily negative. The vote is over and whoever wins needs to get everyone’s support.

admin December 13, 201410:21 am

The candidates are now aware of the results and winning candidates will be preparing their short speeches. Candidates are still in a private room while members and the press chat in the hall.

admin December 13, 201410:25 am

Team Dugdale and Team Murphy both looking pretty happy. Candidates still not visible but campaigners now milling in the corridor, which is helpfully visible through glass walls.

admin December 13, 201410:30 am

Expectant hush as the candidates are almost here.

admin December 13, 201410:35 am

Jamie Glackin now introducing the event, and thanking Anas Sarwar for his work as interim leader.

admin December 13, 201410:35 am

Jamie also thanks Johann Lamont, who served this party with distinction.

admin December 13, 201410:36 am

Deputy leadership announcement imminent.

admin December 13, 201410:37 am

No. Wait. Jamie wants to explain the electoral college first. This could take a while…

admin December 13, 201410:38 am

Deputy leader result:
Katy Clark 37.1% overall.
Kezia Dugdale 62.9% overall.
Kezia Dugdale elected deputy leader of Scottish Labour.

admin December 13, 201410:41 am

Kezia now speaking. Thanking Katy and Anas and says Scottish Labour now needs to get fighting fit. Party now more united than ever.

admin December 13, 201410:43 am

Kezia says she was too young to vote in 1999. A new generation of politicians, fighting for a Scotland where there is no limit on a child’s ambition. Decent homes and decent pay. Ready to build tomorrow’s Scotland. Big cheers.

admin December 13, 201410:44 am

Jamie now moving to the leadership. Jim wins in one round, no transfers necessary. A lot less close than folk expected.

admin December 13, 201410:47 am

Jim dedicating his acceptance speech to Gordon Aikman, who is here. Lovely touch.

admin December 13, 201410:48 am

Jim thanking everyone who took part in the election. A credit to the Scottish Labour Party. A passionate and contested election has united the party.

admin December 13, 201410:50 am

Jim says the division in Scotland isn’t between nationalist and unionist but between those who have and those who have not, and it will be the mission of Scottish Labour to break down that divide.

admin December 13, 201410:52 am

Jim talking to Yes voters directly. We have so much more in common than we do with many of the political leaders who campaigned for No. A disagreement on one vote on one day shouldn’t be allowed to divide us.

admin December 13, 201410:53 am

Murphy: Turn our anger into energy and turn our energy into an optimistic sense of purpose.

admin December 13, 201410:56 am

Running out of battery here so the live blog is probably done for today. Congratulations Jim and Kezia. A fresh start for tomorrow’s Scotland.

admin December 13, 20143:48 pm

Breakdown of result: