admin October 27, 201412:15 pm

Anas Sarwar has ruled himself out of standing for leadership.

admin October 27, 201412:18 pm

The MSP group are meeting in Glasgow now. Meanwhile Neil Findlay has said he is lobbying Gordon Brown to stand:

Though indications yesterday were that Gordon had ruled himself out:

admin October 27, 201412:22 pm

Both Kezia Dugdale and Jenny Marra have ruled themselves out of standing for leadership.

admin October 27, 201412:28 pm

It’s all about the ruling outs just now; nobody ruling themselves in. We understand that popular frontbencher Jackie Baillie MSP has decided not to run.

admin October 27, 201412:29 pm

Any inside tips very welcome at 🙂

admin October 27, 201412:41 pm

Speculation now as to whether this will turn into an election for both leader and deputy. Suggestion that if front-runner for leader is an MP, deputy would need to be an MSP. No appetite for running two elections one after the other, so we may see an announcement sooner rather than later.

admin October 27, 20141:13 pm

If anyone posts anything interesting or relevant in the comment box on this page we’ll cover it. General OMG I HATE U ZANU LIEBORE comments are less likely to see the light of day. 🙂

admin October 27, 20141:24 pm

Gordon Brown’s office now saying he hasn’t ruled himself in or out. Kevin Schofield of The Sun says the heavy hint is that it isn’t going to happen.

admin October 27, 20141:34 pm

Another ruling out. @loveandgarbage from off the internet has said he isn’t standing. The scone pronunciation issue was always going to be a stumbling block.

admin October 27, 20142:06 pm

Paddy Power latest odds on leadership contenders:

Jim Murphy 1/2
Neil Findlay 9/4
Kezia Dugdale* 7/1
Gordon Brown 8/1
Anas Sarwar* 10/1
Jackie Baillie* 12/1
Douglas Alexander 20/1
Alistair Darling 50/1

Those we’ve marked with a * have indicated they will not stand. There’s really only been one clear favourite since Sunday.

admin October 27, 20142:26 pm

Looks like Jim Murphy won’t be announcing his widely-anticipated decision on standing for the leadership today. His announcement is now expected tomorrow.

admin October 27, 20142:59 pm

A great deal of speculation now about this becoming a leader AND deputy leader election within the next day or so.

admin October 27, 20143:12 pm

Statement from Anas Sarwar:

admin October 27, 20143:33 pm

Anas Sarwar: “I’m clear that we will come through this process unified in purpose, stronger in will, and standing up for the communities that need a Labour Government.”

admin October 27, 20143:54 pm

Jim Sheridan MP makes his views plain:

admin October 27, 20144:11 pm

Apologies for that slight hiatus. A jogger ran into our server…

admin October 28, 20147:00 am

We’re back! Tuesday morning update:

Gordon Brown has ruled himself out of the running for leader.

Rory Scothorne and Ewan Gibbs on Roch Wind quote Gramsci to urge Neil Findlay to stand:

And the chorus of opponents’ horror at the prospect of Jim Murphy might, by a cynic, be taken to suggest they fear his leadership most.

admin October 28, 20149:28 am

After evening news shows full of claim and counter-claim, and morning discussions vibrant, we are still left waiting for a single declaration of interest in the Scottish Labour leadership. But we have it on good authority that we won’t be saying the same tomorrow. One declaration said to be imminent today.

admin October 28, 20149:33 am

The Guardian quotes Elaine Smith MSP as saying “If we get a London-based careerist as Scottish leader, we will be finished”, while John McTernan rejoins “All elections in the UK and all elections in Scotland are won from the centre ground… The notion that Labour should try to win from the left is laughable.”

admin October 28, 201410:00 am

“While it’s not automatic, I do think if the leader is an MP, the deputy has to be an MSP” says Kezia Dugdale in the Edinburgh Evening News.

“If there’s an opportunity to run for the deputy I would do that, because I think one of my strengths is in campaigning and I believe we need to radically change how we do our business. I think I would have something to offer in that regard.”

admin October 28, 201410:09 am

Things are hotting up. A very strong indication that a third candidate (assuming Murphy and Findlay do intend to stand) is preparing to declare. Looks like that third candidate will come from the ranks of the MSPs.

admin October 28, 201410:15 am

Likely to see others move more quickly now, and we understand we may see a move around the deputy position soon too. Lots of voices calling for a completely new leadership team.

admin October 28, 201410:53 am

Lots of phonecalls between elected members. One thing seems clear – there is definitely not an MPs versus MSPs thing going on. Alliances are forming around ideological outlooks, not places of work. When it comes to the leadership election, the TV talk may be of dinosaurs versus new blood, but the reality is left vs centre vs right.

admin October 28, 201411:08 am

So we now have a three-way fight shaping up. Neil Findlay the champion of the left, Jim Murphy the champion of the centre right, and a new challenger, who hasn’t to my knowledge appeared on any prediction lists yet, playing for the the unifying centre-left ground.

admin October 28, 201411:10 am

Here we go then.

admin October 28, 201411:15 am

Candidates actually declared: none.
Candidates now expected to declare: Findlay, Boyack, Murphy.

admin October 28, 20141:51 pm

Sarah Boyack MSP becomes the first prospective candidate to declare intention to stand as Scottish Labour leader.

admin October 28, 20142:09 pm

STV story on Sarah Boyack’s announcement that she will stand for the leadership.

admin October 28, 20142:48 pm

BetVictor latest odds:

Jim Murphy 4/6
Neil Findlay 6/4
Sarah Boyack 6/1
Jackie Baillie 16/1
Ken Macintosh 16/1
Margaret Curran 20/1
Jenny Marra 20/1
Douglas Alexander 25/1

Of course only one of those people has declared (Boyack) and at least two have already ruled themselves out (Baillie and Marra).

admin October 28, 20144:38 pm

Statement from Sarah Boyack:

admin October 29, 20149:52 am

Slow start today after yesterday’s flurry of activity. Some talk last night and this morning that Neil Findlay may have decided not to stand after all. Could Sarah Boyack’s first-mover advantage win this for her? With no other players on the field, she has free rein today…

admin October 29, 20149:59 am

Brian Taylor analyses the state of the race this morning:

admin October 29, 201410:03 am

It’s likely Jim Murphy won’t declare until he has answers to the obvious questions. We understand he now has an answer to the “When and how will you aim to become an MSP?” question. The “How would it work having an MP as leader when an MP is deputy?” question remains a stickler.

admin October 29, 201410:19 am

Morning Star Online nails its colours to the Neil Findlay mast, not surprisingly.

admin October 29, 20142:11 pm

An intriguing suggestion is doing the rounds. We know that Jim has a problem squaring an MP as leader with an MP as deputy. We know that Kezia is ready to run for deputy if there is a vacancy. What if a vacancy arose for Shadow Scottish Secretary? Anas gets a new job, Jim gets to run, Kezia gets to run.

Is this the proposal sitting in Ed’s in-tray?

admin October 29, 20142:16 pm

Neil Findlay announces intention to run.

admin October 29, 20142:17 pm

“If elected Labour leader I will put the issue of social justice at heart of everything we do – this is the historic mission of the Scottish Labour Party but it also has to be about what we deliver for the Scottish people in this post-referendum period.” – Neil Findlay

admin October 29, 20142:38 pm

Statement from Neil Findlay:

admin October 29, 20142:43 pm

Is time now running out for a Murphy bid? Boyack and Findlay hoovering up support. Withholding on the basis of someone who hasn’t yet declared becomes less tenable by the hour.

admin October 29, 20143:43 pm

Feedback from Murphy camp is very calm, very cool, not feeling any pressure to declare soon, but pretty much certain to declare. Waiting to get all his ducks in a row.

admin October 29, 20143:44 pm

And as if by magic…

admin October 29, 20143:55 pm

Definitely no Murphy declaration today.

admin October 29, 20143:58 pm

Paul Hutcheon digs up an employment contract to shed light on the UK vs Scotland staff control issue.

admin October 29, 20144:47 pm

Expressions of support can be both help and hindrance…

admin October 29, 20144:55 pm

Latest odds from Paddy Power:

Jim Murphy 4/6
Neil Findlay 13/8
Sarah Boyack 7/1

And they have thinned out the rest of the field to:

Douglas Alexander 25/1
Alistair Darling 50/1

admin October 29, 20145:44 pm

A summary of where we are:

Sarah Boyack declared her intention to seek nomination yesterday, and has spent today in a series of meetings.

Neil Findlay declared his intention today, and quickly garnered positive statements from a number of union-connected people.

Jim Murphy has informally confirmed he will be standing, but won’t be announcing until tomorrow at the earliest, possibly Friday.

Friday is when nominations open, and candidates need to have received 10 nominations from among MPs, MSPs and MEPs by close of nominations on 4th November.

Thereafter, supporting nominations will open for confirmed candidates, and we will prepare for a vote under the electoral college system – one third elected representatives, one third party members, one third affiliates (including trades unions).

admin October 29, 20145:47 pm

Euan McColm poses a reasonable query.

admin October 29, 20145:57 pm

Sky now running “Jim Murphy is expected to confirm he will stand for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party, according to Sky News sources.”

admin October 29, 20146:19 pm

Consulting the rulebook in response to Kenny Fleming’s tweet. If two candidates declare on the same day, which one goes on Scotland Tonight?

admin October 29, 20146:25 pm

So it’s tomorrow then.

Duncan Hothersall October 29, 20149:43 pm

Murphy declares in exclusive Record interview.

Duncan Hothersall October 29, 20149:45 pm

Jim Murphy: “I am not going to shout at or about the SNP, I am going to talk to and listen to Scotland and I am very clear that the job I am applying for is to be the First Minister of Scotland.”

admin October 30, 20145:33 am

Full Daily Record interview with Jim Murphy now up:

admin October 30, 20149:42 am

Scargill comes out against Murphy. #Gamechanger?

admin October 30, 201410:44 am

Right. Nobody do anything interesting for a few hours. Have private meetings and stuff. Signing off for a bit.

admin October 30, 20143:11 pm

“I will lead Labour from Scotland for Scotland” – statement from Jim Murphy:

MSPs James Kelly and Jenny Marra will lead his campaign, and he will set out his campaign vision in more detail at a speech when he formally launches his campaign this weekend under the slogan ‘Leading Labour, Changing Scotland.’

admin October 30, 20148:44 pm

Anas Sarwar standing down as deputy leader.

admin October 30, 20148:47 pm

Kezia Dugdale had already indicated that should there be a vacancy she would stand for deputy.

admin October 30, 20149:03 pm

Anas receives standing ovation at Labour dinner. Has done great job as deputy leader and as interim leader.

admin October 30, 20149:18 pm

A Dugdale deputy leadership bid seems pretty certain. Others less clear. Jenny Marra is co-chairing Jim Murphy’s campaign which seems to rule her out. Will Drew Smith stand? Ian Davidson has also been mentioned – he of course stood for deputy leader in 2011.

admin October 30, 201410:06 pm

Kezia Dugdale earlier this week:
“We are the party of the NHS, the welfare State, the National Minimum Wage and indeed the Scottish Parliament. Big, radical ideas designed to meet the needs of a nation we aspired to lead. And it worked. A proud record and we need to let that sun shine through.”

admin October 30, 201410:11 pm

Anas Sarwar:
“After thinking about it long and hard over the last few days I have decided that I believe Scottish Labour should be represented by a leadership team that is focused on the Scottish Parliament. It has been a privilege to serve as deputy leader for the last three years and a honour I never thought I would receive. But I think the leadership contest that is going on now is a time for everybody to reflect on what is best for Scottish Labour. And after much soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I believe the Scottish Labour leadership team should be focused on Holyrood.”

“I have spoken to Ed Miliband and informed him of this decision and told him I want to devote my efforts to securing a Labour victory at next year’s general election and help make Ed Miliband Prime Minister. The coming period offers the opportunity for the Labour membership to decide on the new leadership team. I will remain focused over the next seven weeks on ensuring Labour hold both the UK and Scottish governments to account and on getting the best outcome for Scotland out of the Smith Commission process for more powers for the Scottish Parliament.”

admin October 30, 201410:18 pm

It’s highly likely that the deputy election will be run alongside the leadership election, and will aim to declare on the same day. This means quite a tight timetable for declarations and nominations.

admin October 31, 20148:57 am

Jenny Marra rules herself out of the deputy leadership race on GMS, says she hopes Kezia Dugdale stands as she has lots to offer the party and the country.

admin October 31, 20148:59 am

Statement from Kezia Dugdale:

“Anas Sarwar was a first class deputy leader. He led the Labour No campaign to victory with the relentless energy and zeal he’s so widely known for.

I’m going to spend some time today speaking to colleagues, activists and trade union friends across the country and make a decision over the weekend.”

admin October 31, 20149:07 am

The Procedures Committee has announced the timetable for the deputy leadership election:

Monday 3rd Nov 12 noon – deadline for declarations to seek nomination
Tuesday 4th Nov 2pm – deadline for nominations from MPs, MSPs and MEPs

This is the same nomination deadline as the leadership election. From this point on the timetables run identically, and supporting nominations and hustings will now be for both positions.

admin October 31, 20149:08 am

So that’s an incredibly tight window between close of declarations and close of nominations for the deputy leadership. 26 hours.

admin October 31, 20149:14 am

One other small detail: the last date for new members to join to take part in the deputy leadership election is 1 December. Procedures Committee say “This reflects timescales in previous contests.”

admin October 31, 20149:17 am

Janny Marra expects SIX candidates for the deputy leadership! Are you one of them? Email 🙂

admin October 31, 20149:35 am

BBC Scotland are doing a live blog too. Rather glossy.

admin October 31, 20149:46 am

Neil Findlay says he will commit Scottish Labour to a policy of “full employment” should he become leader.

admin October 31, 201410:18 am

Ed Miliband’s speech from last night’s gala dinner:

admin October 31, 20142:23 pm

Anas Sarwar confirmed his intention to stand down as Deputy Leader in an email to members today:

admin October 31, 20143:09 pm

Strong rumour: Katy Clark MP standing for deputy leader.

admin October 31, 20143:12 pm

Katy Clark a strong supporter of Neil Findlay for leader; suggests possibility of a leader/deputy slate and joint campaign.

admin October 31, 20143:28 pm

Labourlist has an update on odds for the leadership election, now confirmed as a three-way contest.

admin October 31, 20143:33 pm

So two unconfirmed but very likely candidates for the deputy leadership now: Kezia Dugdale MSP and Katy Clark MP.

The Dugdale camp are very clear that she is not going to be part of any slate, but there are indications that Clark may explicitly run as part of a slate with Neil Findlay.

admin October 31, 20143:39 pm

Remember, Jenny Marra promised us SIX candidates for deputy. Who is your money on? Get in touch at if you have something to say!

Duncan Hothersall October 31, 20146:23 pm

LabourList has news that ASLEF have formally endorsed Neil Findlay for leader.

Duncan Hothersall November 1, 201412:02 am

Jim Murphy: “We didn’t listen to the voters and we should apologise.”

Duncan Hothersall November 1, 201410:02 am

Kezia Dugdale, widely tipped for the deputy leadership, is understood to have been building as broad a base as possible for her candidacy, and won’t be issuing a formal statement until Monday.

She will, however, be releasing her campaign managers’ names later today.

Duncan Hothersall November 1, 201410:58 am

Big crowd at the Jim Murphy launch in Edinburgh this morning.

admin November 1, 201411:15 am

Fair to say a lot of faces familiar from the referendum campaign present at the Jim Murphy launch.

admin November 1, 201411:21 am

Jim Murphy being introduced by a brand new Labour member. Says she was inspired to join by Jim.

admin November 1, 201411:30 am

Murphy says the referendum was a two horse race, but the loser has spent the last few weeks doing a lap of honour. 🙂

admin November 1, 201411:32 am

The crowd here enjoying a story about a necklace of condoms and fiscal autonomy.

admin November 1, 201411:38 am

Murphy has the room hushed as he describes his background of Glasgow poverty and South African apartheid. Sets out his motivation for Labour politics.

admin November 1, 201411:44 am

Murphy now taking questions from the audience.

admin November 1, 201411:46 am

Murphy says he is in favour of devolving welfare powers to local authorities not just Holyrood.

admin November 1, 201411:51 am

Jim Murphy says he will set out a wide-ranging reform of the Scottish Labour party and he believes that with the plan he has the party can win in 2016. Says he wouldn’t be standing if he didn’t have a plan to win.

admin November 1, 201411:53 am

Murphy says he’s sure his answer to Newsnet Scotland on Trident will be accurately represented on that “excellent website”. Gets a big laugh.

admin November 1, 201411:59 am

Katy Clark confirms her candidacy for the deputy leadership.

Duncan Hothersall November 1, 20141:42 pm

UNISON announces its formal backing for Neil Findlay as leader.

Duncan Hothersall November 1, 20141:44 pm

Katy Clark statement declaring her intention to seek nomination as deputy leader:
“I have submitted a declaration to the Scottish Labour Party that I intend to stand for deputy leader and will be seeking nominations from colleagues over the weekend. I wish to pay tribute to both Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar for the leadership they have provided to Scottish Labour over the last 3 years. This however is not about individuals. We must recognise that Scottish politics has changed and it can’t be business as usual. The vast majority of people want a secure job, a decent home and access to good quality public services. This is prevented for too many by wealth being held in the hands of a minority. It is unacceptable in the 21st century that people have to queue at a foodbank to feed their children. These are the issues I will be addressing throughout the campaign. I will make a full statement on Monday.”

admin November 1, 20142:16 pm

UNISON statement in support of Neil Findlay: “Neil understands that politics as usual isn’t good enough and we believe he offers a fresh approach with a real experience and understanding of the concerns of working people.”

admin November 1, 20143:02 pm

Clarification: It is UNISON Scotland Labour Link that has endorsed Neil Findlay for the leadership.

admin November 1, 20145:57 pm

Unite the union responds to Jim Murphy’s speech:

admin November 1, 20146:45 pm

Campaign news:
We understand that Ian Murray MP and Neil Bibby MSP will be the campaign managers for Kezia Dugdale’s deputy leadership bid.

admin November 3, 20147:58 am

Katy Clark gets the backing of UNISON Scotland Labour Link for her deputy bid:

admin November 3, 20149:08 am

Kezia Dugdale confirms her candidacy, says Scottish Labour must change to win people’s trust.

admin November 3, 20149:29 am

Sarah Boyack says Scottish Labour needs to regain people’s trust and bring forward a vision of Scotland:

admin November 3, 201410:56 am

We’re expecting an update to the Scottish Labour website list of MSP/MP/MEP nominations this morning.

Current state of play for the leadership:
Sarah Boyack: 7
Neil Findlay 10 (threshold reached)
Jim Murphy 16 (threshold reached)

And for the deputy leadership:
Katy Clark 5
Kezia Dugdale 11 (threshold reached)

admin November 3, 201411:28 am

Quiz time:
What do Jim Murphy, Neil Findlay and Kezia Dugdale have in common, for the next half an hour at least?

admin November 3, 201411:49 am

And the answer is…
Jim Murphy, Neil Findlay and Kezia Dugdale haven’t, so far, nominated themselves for their respective elections.

admin November 3, 201411:57 am

The deadline for declarations for the deputy leadership contest is in five minutes time. Will we see a last minute entrant to take on Kezia Dugdale and Katy Clark?

admin November 3, 201411:58 am

(The answer to that is no, by the way.)

admin November 3, 201412:27 pm

Boom! Today’s nominations update is in:

Sarah Boyack: 10 (threshold reached)
Neil Findlay 11 (threshold reached)
Jim Murphy 27 (threshold reached)

Deputy Leader:
Katy Clark 9
Kezia Dugdale 29 (threshold reached)

Full details:

admin November 3, 201412:41 pm

So the slate for the leadership is finalised: Boyack, Findlay, Murphy.

The slate for the deputy leadership currently only has one name on it, as Katy Clark is one nomination short of getting on the ballot. Kezia Dugdale has attracted a significant number of nominations.

admin November 3, 20142:06 pm

Further to the fascinating quiz from earlier, we can now see that Neil Findlay has nominated himself. Sarah Boyack and Katy Clark had already nominated themselves. Only Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale have refrained.

admin November 3, 20144:50 pm

Hearing that Katy Clark has now secured the tenth nomination she needed and is confident of being on the ballot once nominations close tomorrow. So the final runners and riders are:

Leader: Boyack, Findlay, Murphy.
Deputy leader: Clark, Dugdale.

Expect that to be confirmed 2pm tomorrow.

admin November 4, 20149:20 am

Katy Clark has a piece up on Labour Hame this morning:

admin November 4, 20141:40 pm

About 20 minutes until nominations close in both the leadership and deputy leadership races. To appear on the ballot, a candidate must have received 10 or more nominations from Scottish Labour MPs, MSPs and MEPs. They must also have received nominations from members of at least two of those groups (i.e. you can’t be nominated by all MSPs or all MPs).

admin November 4, 20141:42 pm

As of noon yesterday, only one declared candidate was still short of that target – Katy Clark. But as we said yesterday, her campaign is confident that she will “comfortably” break the 10 barrier by 2pm today.

admin November 4, 20141:44 pm

We are expecting the page here
to be updated shortly after 2pm to confirm the final nomination tally.

We’re also expecting to find out the dates of the official hustings this afternoon.

admin November 4, 20141:58 pm

The anticipation is unbearable. Like a barista waiting to hear if they have got an unpaid job with the Common Weal.

admin November 4, 20142:19 pm

A little bird tells us Katy Clark’s 10th nomination may be from Iain McKenzie MP.

admin November 4, 20142:43 pm

Scottish Labour has confirmed that the leadership election will be contested by Sarah Boyack, Neil Findlay and Jim Murphy, and the deputy leadership will be contested by Kezia Dugdale and Katy Clark.

admin November 4, 20142:50 pm

Full details of all candidates:

admin November 4, 20142:53 pm

And it’s in. The final tally of MEP/MP/MSP nominations is:

Sarah Boyack: 10
Neil Findlay 12
Jim Murphy 43

Deputy Leader:
Katy Clark 11
Kezia Dugdale 51

So all candidates have met the threshold of 10 nominations and all will appear on their respective ballot.

Full details here:

admin November 4, 20142:58 pm

Leadership campaign websites:

Sarah Boyack:
Neil Findlay:
Jim Murphy:

admin November 4, 20142:59 pm

Deputy leadership campaign websites:

Katy Clark:
Kezia Dugdale:

admin November 4, 20143:03 pm

Official Scottish Labour hustings events announced:

Sat 15 Nov: Women’s Hustings, Glasgow 14:00–16:00
Sun 16 Nov: Youth & Student Hustings, Glasgow 13:00–14:45
Thu 20 Nov: Dundee Hustings 19:00–21:00
Sun 23 Nov: Glasgow Hustings 14:00–16:00
Mon 24 Nov: Dumfries Hustings 19:00–21:00
Thu 27 Nov: Edinburgh Hustings 19:00–21:00
Fri 28 Nov: Inverness Hustings 19:00–21:00
Sat 29 Nov: Councillors Conf Hustings, Glasgow 15:00–17:00
Mon 1 Dec: Aberdeen Hustings 19:00–21:00
Thu 4 Dec: North Lanarkshire Hustings 19:00–21:00

Sat 13 Dec: Leadership announcement

admin November 4, 20143:06 pm

Official Scottish Labour hustings events announced:

Sat 15 Nov: Women’s Hustings, Glasgow 14:00–16:00
Sun 16 Nov: Youth & Student’s Hustings, Glasgow 13:00–14:45
Thu 20 Nov: Dundee Hustings, 19:00–21:00
Sun 23 Nov: Glasgow Hustings, 14:00–16:00
Mon 24 Nov: Dumfries Hustings, 19:00–21:00
Thu 27 Nov: Edinburgh Hustings, 19:00–21:00
Fri 28 Nov: Inverness Hustings, 19:00–21:00
Sat 29 Nov: Councillor’s Conference Hustings, Glasgow 15:00–17:00
Mon 1 Dec: Aberdeen Hustings 19:00–21:00
Thu 4 Dec: North Lanarkshire Hustings 19:00–21:00

Sat 13 Dec: Leadership announcement

admin November 4, 20143:08 pm

Official Scottish Labour hustings events announced:

Sat 15 Nov: Women’s Hustings, Glasgow 14:00–16:00
Sun 16 Nov: Youth & Student’s Hustings, Glasgow 13:00–14:45
Thu 20 Nov: Dundee Hustings 19:00–21:00
Sun 23 Nov: Glasgow Hustings 14:00–16:00
Mon 24 Nov: Dumfries Hustings 19:00–21:00
Thu 27 Nov: Edinburgh Hustings 19:00–21:00
Fri 28 Nov: Inverness Hustings 19:00–21:00
Sat 29 Nov: Councillor’s Conf Hustings, Glasgow 15:00–17:00
Mon 1 Dec: Aberdeen Hustings 19:00–21:00
Thu 4 Dec: North Lanarkshire Hustings 19:00–21:00

Sat 13 Dec: Leadership announcement

admin November 4, 20143:57 pm

Full candidate details in a handy format:

admin November 4, 20144:12 pm

Jim Murphy writes for Labour Hame welcoming the official start of the campaign.
‘The nominations are over and the debate begins’

admin November 4, 20144:15 pm

Just in from Katy Clark:

“I am looking forward to the campaign. I believe the leadership and deputy leadership contests represent an opportunity for Scottish Labour to have the fullest debate about how we can meet the challenges put to us by the people of Scotland following the referendum.”

“Thousands of Scottish Labour and trade union members will now have a vote on the Scottish Labour leadership. Labour supporters can join the Party for £5 up until 1 December to vote on the kind of Labour Party Scotland needs. We need to talk about how Scottish Labour will end low pay, deliver full employment and decent homes for all and reverse the failed privatisation agenda which have been pursued for far too long.”

“I am very much looking forward to the debate.”

admin November 5, 20141:37 pm

Supporting nominations:

Now that parliamentary nominations have closed, the candidates will be seeking supporting nominations from councillors, CLPs and affiliated societies / trades unions. Supporting nominations opened today, and will close at noon on Friday 14th.

admin November 5, 20141:42 pm

Early indications are that both Neil Findlay and Katy Clark will attract supporting nominations from a number of trades unions. UNISON Scotland Labour Link, ASLEF, TSSA and Unite Scotland have all indicated they will be recommending their members vote for Neil Findlay; BWAFU, TSSA and UNISON Scotland Labour Link have indicated they will be recommending Katy Clark.

At present no union or affiliated society has announced support for any other candidate.

admin November 5, 20141:58 pm

Handy overview of candidates, websites, nominations and hashtags. Yes, we’re keeping the hashtags.

admin November 5, 20142:59 pm

Breaking news: the union block vote was abolished over twenty years ago by John Smith.

There seems to be some confusion about the unions / affiliated societies section of the electoral college. This is *not* a block vote decided on by the union leaders. It is one member one vote for each affiliated organisation.

Union leaders do decide on supporting nominations, but the actual votes in the the affiliates section of the electoral college are cast by individual members.

This has been a public service announcement from Labour Hame.

admin November 5, 20143:03 pm

Breaking news: the union block vote was abolished over twenty years ago by John Smith.

There seems to be some confusion about the unions / affiliated societies section of the electoral college. This is *not* a block vote decided on by the union leaders. It is one member one vote for each affiliated organisation.

Union leaders do decide on supporting nominations, but the actual votes in the the affiliates section of the electoral college are cast by individual members.

This has been a public service announcement from Labour Hame.

admin November 5, 20143:09 pm

LabourList has full details of Unite backing Neil Findlay for leader:

admin November 5, 20143:29 pm

Sarah Boyack on the STUC Women’s Conference and Equal Pay Day.

admin November 5, 20143:29 pm

Neil Findlay profiled in the Edinburgh Evening News today:

admin November 5, 20143:36 pm

Jim Murphy says that if elected as First Minister he would repeal the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012.

“The law was an attempt to chase headlines rather than actually fix a complex problem. Sectarianism and intolerance goes far beyond 90 minutes on a Saturday or 140 characters in a tweet.”

“Instead of fixing the problem, they have created a pointless culture of mistrust between football fans and the police.”

admin November 5, 20143:50 pm

A question candidates might need to prepare for in imminent interviews: what do you think of East Sussex’s bonfire?

admin November 6, 201410:55 am

Like the look of a leadership or deputy leadership contender, but not a Labour Party member? Did you know if you join before 1st December (for only £5!) you’ll have a vote in the elections?

admin November 6, 201412:04 pm

Jim Murphy keeps the policy announcements coming. Today in Fife he’s unveiling a five point plan to “lead an assault on low pay in Scotland, using the power of government to give Scotland a pay rise”.

The plan includes a commitment to legislate to ensure that firms awarded Scottish Government contracts pay the Living Wage. Nicola Sturgeon blocked similar legislation earlier this year.

admin November 7, 201411:12 am

Sarah Boyack launching her leadership bid in Edinburgh today. “The challenge we face is to reconnect with those who believe we’ve not lived up to expectations.”

admin November 7, 201411:15 am

Boyack says she campaigned for the Scottish Parliament because she believes in bringing decisions closer to home. Says this applies to local government too. Vital local services cannot be adequately provided if the cash available to councils keeps going down in real terms.

admin November 7, 201411:28 am

Boyack: “We must use public investment to raise employment standards and make the Living Wage a standard in public procurement. The public sector is leading the way on the Living Wage. We need to work to encourage all employers to get on board.”

admin November 7, 201412:12 pm

A shot from Sarah Boyack’s leadership campaign launch earlier this morning courtesy of Alan Roden:

admin November 7, 201412:13 pm

A shot from Sarah Boyack’s leadership campaign launch earlier this morning courtesy of Alan Roden:

admin November 7, 201412:14 pm

Daily Record covers Boyack’s launch:

admin November 7, 201412:25 pm

Meanwhile Neil Findlay’s campaign reports over 500 supporters have signed up to help him win the leadership, and he’s raised over £1000 in small donations.

admin November 7, 20141:48 pm

Neil Findlay writes for LabourList today:

admin November 7, 20141:53 pm

Indeed Neil Findlay appears to have taken over LabourList today!

admin November 7, 20142:59 pm

Kezia Dugdale has donned her hard hat and called for 5,000 new construction apprenticeships for the over-25s.

admin November 7, 20143:16 pm

A plethora of #TeamKezia hashtags erupt across Twitter. It looks like #KezWeCan has been dumped. *sad face*

admin November 7, 20143:58 pm

Members’ inboxes have been very busy today, with missives from Jim Murphy this morning and Kezia Dugdale and Katy Clark this afternoon.

And the online competition is hotting up too. On Facebook, ‘Jim Murphy for Scottish Labour Leader’ has attracted 1,780 likes, ‘Neil Findlay for Scotland’ has 882 and ‘Sarah Boyack 4 Leader’ has 122 (but she had a later start than the others so may catch up).

Meanwhile ‘Kezia for deputy leader’ has 723 likes while Katy Clark has opted to just keep her existing ‘Katy Clark’ page which is sitting at 579 likes.

What does this tell us about what people think of the candidates? Not much, to be honest. Lots of folk seem to be liking all of them so the numbers are not necessarily relative to levels of support. But it’ll be interesting to see how online strategies develop over the coming weeks.

admin November 8, 201410:54 am

Neil Findlay is launching his campaign this morning in Fauldhouse.

admin November 8, 201410:59 am

Dave Watson of UNISON Scotland Labour Link, who have endorsed Neil’s campaign, says the launch location, in the Miners Welfare Club, shows a contrast with Jim Murphy.

admin November 8, 201410:59 am

Findlay: “I know the problems people face because i have lived them”

admin November 8, 201411:08 am

Two key planks for Neil Findlay’s launch pitch – fair pay through the living wage, and ending what he calls the scandal of social care.

admin November 8, 201411:09 am

admin November 8, 20141:04 pm

Meanwhile Kezia Dugdale is out campaigning in south Edinburgh – but not for deputy leadership votes! For the local Labour campaign on the cost of living.

admin November 8, 20141:40 pm

Jim Murphy has held a conference call with party members today, in which he told them Scottish Labour can, should and must win in 2015 and 2016.

“Scottish Labour Party members and supporters should have the confidence to say that we will kick out the Tories in 2015 and remove the nationalists from office in 2016.”

admin November 8, 20141:51 pm

A lot of coverage for Sarah Boyack’s leadership bid in today’s papers after yesterday’s launch. Here’s The Scotsman’s take:

admin November 8, 20142:56 pm

More Boyack coverage, this time from STV.

admin November 10, 20141:06 pm

Your chance to quiz the candidates as Labour Hame announces LIVE online question and answer sessions with all five candidates.

admin November 10, 20141:54 pm

Interesting online vote embedded in this Sunday Mail story from yesterday.

At time of writing, Findlay leads the vote with 63%; Murphy is on 24% and Boyack is on 12%. Usually disclaimers apply – self-selecting poll so it doesn’t really say anything about public opinion or party members’ views – but it does say something about people who clicked on the poll!

admin November 11, 20148:02 am

Jim Murphy making a big internal party pledge to councillors today, promising that under his leadership the levy on councillors’ salaries, which is currently collected UK-wide and added to UK campaign funds, will be ring-fenced for use in Scotland based on priorities decided by councillors.

Likely to be very popular among Scottish Labour councillors; potentially likely to be less popular across the rest of the the UK.

admin November 11, 20148:03 am

Meanwhile Neil Findlay says Scottish Labour under his leadership would be “more autonomous”.

admin November 11, 20148:06 am

Here’s how The Scotsman is covering Jim Murphy’s big announcement. He’s also committing to ensure that Scottish Labour staff will be hired and fired by the Scottish leader, and setting a fundraising target of £1 million:

admin November 11, 20141:21 pm

Katy Clark and Neil Findlay have both received the backing of the CWU, the last of the big unions to declare supporting nominations. Clark said:

“I am delighted to have received the support of the CWU. I have campaigned alongside postal workers to fight this Government’s shambolic privatisation of Royal Mail, heading up the campaign against privatisation and for the post office network in Parliament. I spoke out against Royal Mail privatisation at last year’s Labour Party conference and called for the next Labour Government to bring it back into public ownership.”

admin November 11, 20143:53 pm

Another joint Findlay/Clark supporting nomination is announced, this time from the Socialist Health Association Scotland. Its chair David Conway says there is “a compelling case for Neil Findlay to lead the Scottish Labour Party at this time.”

admin November 11, 20144:18 pm

Interesting, given the number of announcements, that the official tally of affiliate supporting nominations on the Scottish Labour website remains quite low. Need to get those forms filled in folks, before you do the press releases!

As of today’s update, Neil Findlay’s only officially completed affiliate supporting nomination is from Unite. But UNISON, ASLEF, TSSA and now CWU and SHA have all indicated they will nominate him.

Meanwhile Jim Murphy’s only confirmed affiliate nomination is from Community.

admin November 11, 20144:49 pm

Sarah Boyack says there’s a cash crisis in councils.

“It’s clear the much vaunted Concordat with Local Government has collapsed as financial pressures have built up.”

“Scotland’s local authorities are now facing a perfect storm of the impact of Tory welfare policies and the cost of living crisis added to the SNP’s stranglehold on local government finance.”

admin November 11, 20144:52 pm

Kezia Dugdale still campaigning hard on payday loans despite the deputy leadership election. She’s welcomed the news of the FCA’a cap on the cost of credit, but says it is set too high:

admin November 12, 20149:10 am

Deputy leader supporting nominations update:

An unofficial tally of CLP supporting nominations for deputy leader so far suggest that of the 28 CLPs that have nominated, 25 have nominated Kezia Dugdale, and 3 have nominated Katy Clark.

We understand that the majority of CLP nominations have been decided by vote at an all-member meeting.

Meanwhile affiliate nominations show a different story, with at least six affiliates nominating Katy Clark, and two nominating Kezia Dugdale.

Worth noting again that affiliate supporting nominations are decided by the (democratically elected) leaders of those unions/societies, not the membership. In the election proper, each individual member of each affiliate gets a vote.

admin November 12, 20149:13 am

Meanwhile, Katy Clark has welcomed an announcement by Aberdeen Labour Students that they are backing her candidacy:

“I’m delighted that Aberdeen Labour Students have backed me for Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour. After the recent nomination I also received from Glasgow University Labour Club it is clear that there is real grass roots support for my campaign amongst students and young people.”

admin November 12, 20141:22 pm

Councillor nominations flooding in. Latest state of play on our scoreboard here:

admin November 13, 20149:43 am

Katy Clark welcomes the endorsement of the MU.

“The Musician’s Union endorsement for my Deputy Leadership bid reflects my commitment to issues that are important to MU members. These range from specific issues such as promoting culture in society through to more general issues that affect all workers such as employment rights and low pay.”

admin November 13, 20149:49 am

In the official tally, Kezia Dugdale is top of the table for councillor endorsements (91) and for CLP endorsements (21). Katy Clark is top for affiliate endorsements (8) just pipping Neil Findlay who has 7. Other strong showings include Jim Murphy for councillors (68) and CLPs (16), and Neil Findlay for councillors (59).

admin November 14, 20145:00 pm

Supporting nominations have closed! Final tallies are here:

admin November 14, 20145:02 pm

Jim Murphy has comfortably secured the most supporting nominations in the leadership race.

“It’s an honour to receive the support of Labour Party members in every part of Scotland. From Shetland to Dumfries, and from Ayrshire to the Lothians, local Labour members and councillors back my vision for bringing the Scottish Labour Party and Scotland together again.”

“The nominating period has confirmed that I can unite our party in Parliament and in the country.”

“The days of infighting and back-biting in the Scottish Labour Party are over. If I am elected leader the Scottish Labour Party will come together with a positive vision for Scotland.”

admin November 14, 20145:04 pm

Kezia Dugdale has comfortably secured the most supporting nominations in the deputy leadership race. Her campaign has done a Buzzfeed summary, because Friday:

admin November 14, 20145:11 pm

As expected, Neil Findlay (10) and Katy Clark (9) lead the affiliate nominations in their respective races, though Kezia Dugdale came close with 7. Jim Murphy got 4 and Sarah Boyack got 1.

admin November 14, 20145:12 pm

Congratulations also to Enrique Iglesias, who has secured 5 nominations in the Latin Grammys.

admin November 15, 201410:18 am

Ahead of today’s women’s hustings, Jim Murphy has made some big pledges on equal representation. He has committed to implement the core 50:50 Campaign demand of equal representation on public boards, and has also committed to a Scottish Cabinet that is at least 50% women.

admin November 17, 20148:31 am

Coming up at 4.30pm today: our first live candidate Q&A session.

Find out who with shortly!

admin November 17, 20149:20 am


Jim Murphy!

Get your questions in and join us at 4.30pm:

admin November 19, 20141:46 pm

Thanks to Katy Clark for joining us for a live Q and A yesterday. This afternoon at 4.30pm it’s the turn of Kezia Dugdale.

Full details here: