The Scottish leadership election ballot is now closed.

Labour Hame will be covering the results live here. Results are expected to be announced at around 11am on Saturday.

admin August 14, 201512:32 pm

Statement from Iain Gray, Acting Leader of Scottish Labour, at close of poll:

“There is no denying the scale of the challenge facing Scottish Labour. We have a mountain to climb to rebuild our party. 

“With a new leadership team in place we will have an opportunity to look to the future, and get back on the road to regaining the trust of the people of Scotland. It’s a chance we will seize, to make clear our Labour vision of a Scotland in which people have the chance to make the best life possible for themselves, their families and their communities. 

“No matter who wins everybody in our movement must pledge to work together as we approach the Scottish Parliament elections next May. Only together can we set out a positive Labour vision of transforming Scotland and properly hold the SNP and Tory Governments to account.”

admin August 14, 201512:33 pm

Statement from Kezia Dugdale at close of poll:

“I want to thank the thousands of activists, party members and Scots who have taken the time to engage with this campaign.

“But the time for licking our wounds is long over.

“If I am elected tomorrow I’ll hit the ground running. Because for too many people in Scotland their ability to get on in life isn’t  determined by their talent, hard work and ambition, but by the circumstances they were born into.

“I want a Scotland that backs parents who just want the best for their kids, young couples trying to buy their first home and someone who wants to take a risk by starting a new business.

“If I am elected tomorrow I’ll work night and day to renew the Scottish Labour Party so that we meet the hopes and aspirations of all Scots.”

admin August 14, 20152:23 pm

Statement from Ken Macintosh at close of poll:

“By taking part in this contest, Labour members and supporters from right across Scotland are helping shape the future of our party.  We have a shared sense of recognition that this is an opportunity to provide the fresh start and the clear sense of direction Scottish Labour needs.

The leadership contest has also allowed us to begin the fightback.  I know that members have welcomed my message that we can go out there and win new voters to our cause and many non-members have also commented about how much they want to see a strong Labour Party once again.  My appeal to be more open, more willing to work with others and to put the issues first has resonated amongst those whose support we need to win back.

I have spelled out how I intend to transform our party and I hope we can go on and transform Scotland.  I will make us the positive force for change we know we can be and to help make this the strong, decent and compassionate and caring country we all want it to be.”

admin August 15, 20159:42 am

As the Scottish Labour family makes its way to Stirling this morning for the announcement, Ken Macintosh’s team insist that their canvass returns suggest that there’s a chance of a win for him. Kezia Dugdale’s camp, whose campaign began with overwhelming support from parliamentarians, councillors and CLPs, remains upbeat and optimistic.

admin August 15, 201510:42 am

The queue for coffee is around 15 minutes here at the Stirling Court Hotel… Quite a crowd gathering. Lots of comrades catching up.

admin August 15, 201510:59 am

Room now pretty much full up but my guess would be we’re not going to be starting bang on eleven. 🙂

admin August 15, 201511:00 am

Deputy leadership race is wide open. All camps sounding positive. Nobody prepared to make a prediction.

admin August 15, 201511:03 am

Lots of kids at the announcement event this morning, which is lovely to see. A good cross section of the party too. Very positive feel.

admin August 15, 201511:11 am

Candidates have arrived now. Applause followed by an expectant hush. Jamie Glackin, Chair of the Scottish Labour Party, introduces the event.

admin August 15, 201511:12 am

Jamie says this is a new beginning for the Scottish Labour Party. For the first time, this is One Person One Vote. Over 21,000 eligible to take part.

admin August 15, 201511:13 am

Jamie pays tribute to Iain Gray, Ian Murray and Jim Murphy. Big applause.

admin August 15, 201511:14 am

Jamie also thanks members and staff for all they’ve done. Special thanks to 3,000 new members who have joined since the election.

admin August 15, 201511:15 am

Jamie pays tribute to all candidates for the nature of the debate.

admin August 15, 201511:17 am

Deputy Leadership result:

Alex Rowley wins in 2nd round.
admin August 15, 201511:19 am

Alex Rowley congratulates Richard and Gordon on a good campaign, and says it’s time to unite across Scotland.

admin August 15, 201511:21 am

Leadership result:

Kezia Dugdale wins with 72.1%
admin August 15, 201511:23 am

Kezia thanks party staff who “should know how to run a leadership election by now”. 😉

admin August 15, 201511:24 am

Kezia pays warm tribute to Iain Gray, and to Ken and other candidates. It was a good campaign because we remain friends.

admin August 15, 201511:24 am

Kezia Dugdale: “We are down, but not out.” 

admin August 15, 201511:25 am

Kezia: I have a proud and positive vision for Scotland.

admin August 15, 201511:26 am

Very warm reception for Kezia’s honest, disarming and blunt assessment of where we are, what we need to stand for, and who we need to stand with.