Commenting on reports that one A&E patient waited 22 hours and 13 minutes for a bed at Wishaw General, Scottish Labour Public Services spokesperson Dr Richard Simpson said:

“This is utterly disgraceful. Any wait beyond 4 hours in A&E should be exceptional.

Last summer Labour warned that staffing levels in NHS Lanarkshire were at high risk, we are now seeing the effects of the SNP cutting the health budget.

This news won’t just concern families across Scotland – it will horrify hardworking NHS staff.

NHS staff have dedicated their careers to saving lives but they are being undervalued and overworked under the SNP,with only a third believing they have the resources they need to do their jobs properly.

We need to move away from this crisis management in our NHS. Scottish Labour would invest in social care, taking pressure off of our hospitals and giving patients the dignity of care in their own home.

We need to ensure our NHS that was created in the 1940s is fit for the 2040s, starting with a living wage for care workers.”