Ballots will begin arriving in inboxes today in Scottish Labour’s biggest ever regional list selection. It comes a month after 106 candidates were shortlisted to fight the selection across Scotland’s eight electoral regions. Voting will close on 1st February.

Following Kezia Dugdale’s commitment to a 50:50 Parliament earlier in the year, the group of potential candidates takes Scottish Labour a step closer to ensuring that at least 50% of new candidates for next year’s Holyrood elections will be women.

Speaking as ballots opened, Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“The last month has seen the Scottish Labour Party energised by the campaigns for the regional list. I started my leadership promising change, and this selection will show that Scottish Labour has the new faces and new ideas we need to take Scotland forward.

We want candidates in May who reflect modern Scotland and demonstrate to people that the Scottish Labour Party offers a real alternative to the SNP. I’m proud that our candidates are drawn from every walk of life and many professions – charity workers, campaigners, lawyers, business people, office workers, creatives and trade unionists can all be found among our potential candidates.”