katyclarkKaty Clark MP, candidate for Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, argues that the party needs to demonstrate it can change.


We need to face up to the reality that it is not the Scottish people who have walked away from Scottish Labour but Scottish Labour that has walked away from them.

We need to reach out to those who’ve abandoned hope in Labour and those who voted Yes in the referendum.

Scotland has rejected New Labour, so we must take a new path for Labour in Scotland – we cannot go backwards.

The independence referendum has demonstrated that the Scottish people have rejected the neo-liberal policies pursued by successive UK and Scottish Governments and instead demand economic and social change.

While the previous Labour Governments have achievements we can rightly be proud of, particularly the introduction of the minimum wage and the progress made in reducing poverty, we need to face up to the fact that they did little to challenge the free-market dogma that has resulted in growing inequality, insecure employment and the housing shortage we see today.

We need to show we have listened by ending the austerity policies being pursued today.

The Scottish people are demanding a council house building programme that will deliver affordable homes for all, changes to employment law that guarantee everyone in Scotland a decent wage in a secure job with investment in high quality publicly-owned services.

As Scottish Labour we need to demonstrate we can change.