beth greeneBeth Greene says Jeremy Corbyn is a man of the people, understanding the issues we face day to day, and that is why Labour should unite around him.


My reasons for supporting Jeremy Corbyn go beyond the normal political themes of ending austerity, saving the NHS, and restoring public services. They go beyond tackling poverty and homelessness by creating industry and homes. Beyond acknowledging and dealing with the issues of disability and carers, and investing in mental health services. Beyond addressing the education issues ensuring every child has equal opportunity.

My support goes beyond improving race relations, forming better dialogue between religions, opposing wars and ending military activity supported by those who are not privy to facts and truths. It goes beyond nuclear disarmament, working with the international community of over 150 countries without nuclear weapons, using diplomatic procedures to encourage the 8 (minus the UK) countries with nuclear weapons to disarm. The world is changing rapidly, with increasing instability and growing confusion and fear everywhere. Poverty and inequality are global matters feeding divisions amongst populations.

Jeremy Corbyn is a man behind a growing movement mirrored round the world. A movement of people with different needs and expectations yet committed to one shared view. To address inequality and return power to the people. To restore balance to economies controlled and dictated to by big corporate capitalists.

The lure of Jeremy Corbyn, and my support of him, is simply that he is a man of the people understanding the issues we face day to day against this vicious cut throat world of big commerce.

No one is under the illusion that he can achieve everything, or that he can do it alone. What he achieves is dependent upon those standing beside him arguing the case for the people and being their voice, as they were elected to be.

Historians, political or otherwise, verify the dangers of free capitalism as opposed to a restrained form. It’s dismal that not all Labour MPs note the role capitalism plays in instigating wars. It would be foolish to assume a Corbyn-led government would resolve all our major issues but as a collective administration they could, without question, make some definite promising progress.

To give suggestion to the concept that hundreds and thousands of Labour members and supporters are following the new political approach of Corbyn through false hope is ludicrous and insulting. We are in fact rejecting the political approach of old that has won and lost us elections, yet is now so flawed it delivers nothing. The MPs who fail to heed the voices of the majority and subsequently the democratically elected leader not only damage the party but their own credibility as politicians.