The Prime Minister has announced that the EU referendum will be held on 23rd June.

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“The best way to address the major challenges we face – climate change, the threat of terrorism, the migration crisis and global economic problems – is by being part of the wider European Union.

There is a strong socialist case for staying in the EU. Working in solidarity with the other nations of the EU secures vital rights for workers and greater opportunities for our young people. We should celebrate and build on that, not walk away from it.

Now that the Prime Minister has agreed his package of reforms and a date has been set for the referendum, those of us who back staying in the EU must get on and make the positive case for that. We must put process arguments about any deal or date behind us.

Labour is Scotland’s internationalist party. We believe working in solidarity with other nations makes us stronger. We will be enthusiastic leaders of this campaign.”