The UK Government’s plan for English Votes for English Laws was passed last night. Both Labour and the SNP spoke and voted against the measure. Labour has opposed it on principle from the start, while the SNP initially said it was an “inconsequential issue”, but have recently decided it’s a good opportunity for grievance hunting.

Commenting on last night’s Commons vote, Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray MP said:

“Today, the Government have put a wrecking ball through the constitution with a measure that will only serve to weaken our democracy. For the first time there will now be two tiers of MPs, and unelected members of the House of Lords will have more power than some elected MPs. Today is yet more evidence that David Cameron is governing in the interests of his rebel backbenchers and not the country as a whole.

People across the country feel distant and alienated from the political process. Instead of this useless measure, David Cameron should be working to restore faith in our politics and our democracy.”