The Herald revealed today that the Scottish Government’s own poverty adviser has said SNP policy risks diverting public resources to the well off at the expense of people enduring severe deprivation. Scottish Labour has been saying this for some time.

Scottish Labour Public Services and Wealth Creation Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“The appointment of a poverty adviser was a step Labour welcomed. It is crucial Naomi Eisenstadt’s findings are taken seriously and she is allowed to act independently by the SNP Government.

What Ms Eisenstadt has found is the record of a government that will always put spin before substance when it comes to social justice. We are seeing this with the SNP Government’s budget, which includes brutal cuts to local councils delivering vital services like schools and social care for the elderly and disabled. This will increase poverty in our communities.

With more powers coming to Holyrood Scottish Labour has set out the different, more progressive, decisions we would take on tax compared to the SNP and the Tories. Only Scottish Labour will deliver a real anti-austerity alternative.

These findings suggest that after more than eight years in power and a majority in Parliament, the SNP Government should get serious about tackling poverty instead of congratulating itself.”