alison dowlingAlison Dowling says she doesn’t just want Labour to succeed, she needs Labour to win power. And for that to happen, Corbyn has to go.


I like Jeremy Corbyn’s politics. I like the man. He is clearly an intelligent man of integrity and compassion and with a lifetime commitment to the Labour cause.

I voted for Corbyn as our leader, and I cheered when the result was broadcast live as I watched on a tea break from my second job, working as I did most Saturdays at the time to support my family as a lone parent. I talked about it with my lifelong Labour supporter elderly mother, who I help look after on Saturday evenings. She was unconvinced.

I don’t hold elected office, and I won’t be standing as a Labour candidate any time soon due to the demands of a new job for which I commute four hours a day, and the diagnosis of a disability in one of my kids. I work really hard for my family, with no back up when I’m tired or ill. The buck stops at me in every way.

I don’t want the Labour Party to succeed, I NEED Labour to win power. I’m luckier than some, I’m clever, well educated and I’m healthy enough to work insane hours every week, but I don’t need my life to be harder or more insecure than it is, and only a Labour government can deliver that for me.

For that to happen, Corbyn has to go.

I write this deeply personal public email because I’m boiling with rage and frustration at where we are as a party. I’ve lost count of the Labour supporters who have laughed in my face at the idea of JC winning the next election, and that was before he phoned in his EU campaign contribution.

These are our people telling us like it is. Not Progress, not “right wingers”, just ordinary Labour voters, telling us ‘no thanks’. If they’re not buying what we’re selling, it sure as hell won’t work on the swing voters we’d need to take an election.

I have no hidden agenda against Jeremy. I don’t belong to a faction. I don’t have time to scratch my backside never mind plotting against him or anyone else. I am, on the other hand, exactly the kind of working class woman the Labour Party is supposed to serve and help make life better.

Jeremy’s values and progressive vision can be built upon in the party. That should stay at the heart of who we are. But we need to use our head as well as our heart to lead us to government again.

If you listen to our people, not just the echo chamber of his supporters saying what you want to hear, you’ll know he has to go.