Scottish Labour have challenged the SNP to back their ambitious plans to invest in social care, as new analysis shows 39,000 care workers would get a pay rise under their plans.

As a result of the comprehensive spending review last month there are Barnett health consequentials of around £400 million.

Scottish Labour has called for the majority of this to be invested in social care to relieve the long term pressures on our NHS.

Scottish Labour would also introduce a living wage for care workers. This would not only boost the pay of care workers but improve the standard of care people receive through increased productivity and better staff retention rates.

Independent analysis from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre has shown that Labour’s living wage plan would boost the pay packets of 39,000 care workers.

Scottish Labour Equality Spokesperson Neil Findlay MSP said:

“How we face the challenges of social care in the next decade will define how successful our NHS is as a whole.

Scottish Labour believes it is time to start investing in social care to relieve the pressure on our hospitals, and allowing people the dignity of care in their own home.

We’d start by paying the living wage to care workers so the whole workforce is professionalised. We want to raise standards so care is a viable career for people, not just another job.

Investing in social care means a long term investment in our NHS rather than the sticking plaster approach from eight years of SNP government. Today they can back Labour’s plan for a long term approach which will build a health service fit for the challenges of the 2040s, not the 1940s.”