political-trevor057Prof Trevor Davies, chair of Edinburgh Northern & Leith CLP, says we should ask to be judged on how well we work together.


So – Scottish Labour has another corner to turn, another chapter to write, and, soon, a new voice to lead us and speak for us

Whose ever that voice might be, let us all now stop talking about “Scottishness”. That doesn’t define who we are and never has. We’re Labour first and Scottish second. We’ve been trapped into that debilitating nationalist frame far too long. It’s a competition we can’t win and never should have joined. Let us leave it to the SNP to explore that political dead end, defining themselves as who they are against, blaming others. Scotland didn’t vote for nationalism – it voted for union.

Let us instead speak directly and with passion about fairness and equality, about justice and prosperity. Let us speak too about allowing everyone the voice to shape their own futures – in their communities, workplaces, cities and through the Scottish Parliament.

Let us say we will dismantle and block the power of those remote elites who govern our lives – in banks and broadcasters, boards and bureaucracies.

Let us ask to be judged, not on how “Scottish” we are, but on how well we work together to better the lives of us all, and on how well we contribute to the world about us.

Let us ask to be judged, too, on how well Scotland and Scottish Labour plays its full part in the well-being of the whole United Kingdom, working together, learning and sharing. And on how well Scotland plays its part in the world, as it always has.