Lip OFarolLabour Hame’s special correspondent Lip O’Foral has some exciting news.*


Labour Hame is delighted to reveal today that after months of discussions and negotiations, the long-planned merger between this site and the popular pro-independence blog Wings Over Scotland has been agreed.

Loyal readers of both sites have been clamouring for such a link up for a long time, citing the clear synergies between the two sites and the opportunities that a merger will bring. Advertisers have also been keen to exploit the opportunities that a combined Wings/Hame readership offers.

Negotiations have taken place in secret for many months now, with a series of meetings between the two sites’ proprietors taking place in a Travelodge just outside Stoke-on-Trent, a venue equidistant between the sites’ respective home bases.

It has been agreed that the sites will continue to operate under their separate brandings for now, but sharing of content, news values and prose style will happen almost immediately. In the coming days you will see:

  • Labour Hame launching personal attacks on SNP politicians and activists on the flimsiest of pretexts, stopping just short of outright abuse in the body of the articles but ensuring that comments are filled with hateful bile.
  • Wings Over Scotland being written by more than one person.
  • Labour Hame relaxing its approach to evidence and embracing the sorts of fact-free assertions and plain untruths that have proved so popular to the Bath-based site’s readers.
  • Wings Over Scotland using the pronoun “I” instead of “we”.
  • Peace and harmony breaking out across Twitter as everybody starts being duped equally by the same stories.

Labour Hame’s editor Duncan Hothersall welcomed today’s news. His spokesperson released the following statement to the media: “I am pleased to endorse this product or service.”

Wings Over Scotland’s editor Rev Stuart Campbell told sources that he’d always considered Hothersall someone he could count on. At least, we think that’s what he said, the line was a bit fuzzy. The statement definitely included the words “Hothersall” and “count”.

A further update is expected at midday.*


*MIDDAY UPDATE: This post was a tissue of lies.