Following the First Minister’s inability to answer basic questions about NHS waiting times in the Scottish Parliament, Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Leader, said:

johann“It has been said that if you can fake sincerity you’ve made it in politics.

“Today made it clear that Alex Salmond is not sincere when it comes to the NHS and he can’t even fake it.

“When the case of 84 year old John McGarrity lying on a hospital trolley in a corridor for eight hours with chest pain was raised with him, he claimed to care.

“Now we know that Alex Salmond, the man in charge of the NHS, didn’t know before today that the number of people waiting for more than four hours in accident and emergency units has trebled on his watch in many parts of the country.

“In fact now we know that despite the case of Mr McGarrity, Alex Salmond didn’t even ask any questions about people languishing on trolleys in corridors waiting for a doctor.

“While patients on trolleys hope to survive through the night, Alex Salmond only cares about delivering a soundbite to survive half an hour, once a week, at First Minister’s Questions. Scotland deserves better.

“Alex Salmond’s sole priority is the referendum and everything else is on pause. Scotland is lying on a trolley while his referendum campaign is in intensive care.”


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