Neil Findlay MSPNeil Findlay MSP, Chair of the Scottish Labour for Jeremy campaign, sets out five principles which will underpin the campaign and expresses his hope for an open and democratic debate.


A year ago the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party electrified UK politics. Today, almost a year on, we find ourselves in another leadership election as those who could not and would not accept the result the first time round get what they have sought from day one: a leadership challenge.

I welcome the opportunities that this contest offers. We can now debate the policies, principles and leadership style of all of the candidates and hear clearly what they think the role and purpose of the Labour Party is and how they intend winning power.

At a packed organising meeting on Sunday the Scottish Labour campaign for Jeremy unanimously adopted the following five principles to underpin our campaign.

  1. We believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, in rejecting austerity and campaigning for a rebalanced economy benefiting the many not the few represents the triumph of traditional Labour values and is the change that that our broken political system needs.
  2. We will conduct this leadership election and the debate with respect, tolerance and calm and expect others to do likewise.
  3. We respect all candidates and believe that they are all worthy candidates.
  4. Whatever the result we all commit to remain in the Labour Party and campaign for a Labour victory, we urge and expect all candidates and backers to do the same.
  5. We believe this contest  should be   one of ideas  and that using organisational methods to resolve political disagreements does not help the Labour Party to prosper.

Now let us debate the issues in a free, open and democratic manner which ultimately unites our party and our movement with a common aim to transform our economy and society for all of our people.