Barrie PicBarrie Cunning, running for election to the National Policy Forum, says the future survival of the Scottish Labour Party is dependent on Labour becoming a members’ party, and members deserve a better deal.


Most members by now will have received their ballot papers for both the UK Labour leadership election and the National Policy Forum election.

I believe that the future survival of Scottish Labour depends on the party becoming a real members’ party, and ensuring that party members are actively involved. For too long party members have been taken for granted, overlooked and undervalued, and I believe party members deserve a better deal and I want to ensure that this happens.

For too long policy making has been top down and this has to change. I want to see Labour party members be involved in every stage of policy making and be at the forefront of everything the party does. I want to see party members steer the direction of the party and be at the centre of taking us forward.

As I wrote in last week’s Sunday Post it goes without saying that the Labour party needs to reconnect with the people of Scotland, but the party has to reconnect with its members first of all if it wants to avoid becoming irrelevant. I firmly believe that the future survival of the Scottish Labour Party is dependent on this happening, and that’s why I’m standing for the National Policy Forum.

I’m not standing as part of a slate or a collective, but as an individual who has been a Labour Party supporter since the age of 16 and someone who wants to make sure that the Party is true to its roots.

If elected I would make it my priority to meet with all CLPs in Scotland and engage with members directly, and feed this back to the Scottish Executive Committee. As a CLP Secretary for Ettrick Roxburgh and Berwickshire I’m keen to see CLP members engage and support each other and would be interested in establishing regional CLP events where local members can discuss policy issues and interact with one another. An event like this would also enable National Policy Forum representatives to directly engage with local members and get an understanding of what matters to members. 

In short, I believe members deserve a better deal and I believe I can deliver this. 

If members have any questions I can be contacted on the following: