At today’s deputy leadership hustings for the Parliamentary Labour Party Ian Murray outlined five pledges, including touring the country to listen to the public in seats Labour both won and lost; driving the ‘disgusting cancer’ of antisemitism from the party as well as the bullying and intimidation by taking responsibility for complaints and discipline; using his experience of winning what was a marginal seat in Edinburgh South to build an election-winning machine; addressing the governance of the whole UK; and being the voice of Labour staff and the Labour movement in the Shadow Cabinet.

The Labour deputy leadership candidate told MPs:

“I shouldn’t be here. People like me from the housing estate where I was born and brought up in a single parent family don’t become MPs. But I am.

And I shouldn’t be here because I wasn’t supposed to win my marginal seat. But I did, by building a coalition of support.

I’m standing for deputy leader because of my track record in beating the odds. I decided to put my name forward because I have what it takes to help Labour win again across the UK.

Yes, Scotland’s voice needs to be heard at the top of the party, but we must also send a message to every nation and region of the UK, where too many voters don’t think they are being heard. Every part of our UK matters.

Our party is at a dangerous crossroads – I’ve been warning this for years. The choice is whether we become a credible alternative government or a party of perpetual opposition. I choose the former.”