LabourHame is honoured to have the First Minister Himself, ALEX SALMOND, write a guest post about His vision for our nation*


The SNP won the Holyrood elections because of our positive vision of the future of Scotland. That vision is a positive one, full of hope and positivity, and I am positive that the people of Scotland want to hear a positive message about our future, which is a positive future.

But the Labour Party lost because they could only be negative about Scotland. They were negative about the prospects of an independent Scotland which we all know is a positive thing, but which the Labour Party see as negative. Because they can’t help being negative about everyone in Scotland. They’re even negative about the SNP! And as we all know, attacking the SNP is exactly the same thing as attacking Scotland.

Labour were completely negative about the SNP government’s failure to deliver better education, health and transport in Scotland. How dare they!

But that’s all the Unionist parties can do in response to the SNP’s completely positive campaigning messages: be negative!

And when we attack them for being negative, that’s not us being negative, oh no! That’s us being positive! Because we’re the only party that’s positive about Scotland – the ancient kingdom of Scotland, of which, I would remind you, we have a positive vision.

But getting back to those negative Unionist parties who have nothing positive to say about Scotland and its positive future…

I say to you now: whenever any member of the Unionist parties is negative about Scotland by asking stupid, negative questions about the needless cost of separation, or about why a nationalist party would want independence but still have our monetary policy decided either in London or Brussels but not in Edinburgh, or why an English government would bother getting Scottish shipyards to build their aircraft carriers – simply reply by pointing out that the Scots people don’t want negativity. They want positivity, a positive vision of the future. And that’s what they will get from the SNP – Scotland’s positive party.

Questioning any government led by me is, by definition, a negative act. Anyone who criticises or opposes our positive, forward-looking administration at Holyrood, is just talking Scotland down.

So let’s be positive… (continues for another two hours and five minutes).

* Except he didn’t really. But you knew that.