Commenting after the SNP failed to vote for Scottish Labour plans to use the new powers in the Scotland Bill to restore the money lost through tax credit cuts for working families, Scottish Labour’s Public Services and Wealth Creation Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:

“What an absolute shambles from the SNP. The SNP have spent days telling us we wouldn’t have the power to top-up tax credits, yet Alex Neil now accepts that’s just not true. Yesterday Alex Neil issued a press release demanding tax credits be devolved, even though he conceded today that the power to top-up tax credits is already being devolved. Why can’t the SNP just embrace the new powers instead of always talking Scotland down?

The tax credit debate exposed what really matters to the SNP Government – constitutional grievance rather than helping working families in Scotland.

Scottish Labour has set out a plan for using the new powers coming to Holyrood to restore the money lost through tax credits. The fact that the SNP didn’t vote for this plan is a huge betrayal of working families in Scotland.

Today was a defining day for the Scottish Parliament. It was a chance for all parties to say what they would do with the new powers that are coming. The SNP and the Tories failed that test today.”