Labour MEP for Scotland, Catherine Stihler, has called for the nine Aberdeen councillors suspended by the Labour Party to be reinstated.

Ms Stihler, a member of the party’s Scottish Executive Committee and one of the party’s longest-serving parliamentarians, said the councillors have delivered on their manifesto promises for the people of Aberdeen.

She criticised the ‘hypocrisy’ of allowing deals with pro-austerity SNP groups elsewhere in the country and said Scottish Labour must be a party for all of Scotland – not just the central belt.

Catherine Stihler said:

“In the year since the Aberdeen councillors were suspended, they have got down to work delivering the best possible deal for the people of the city, delivering their anti-austerity manifesto.

The same can’t be said in other parts of the country, where coalition administrations involving Labour and the SNP are having to make unpalatable cuts to local services.

That hypocrisy is unacceptable, and we must remember that we are a party for all of Scotland – not just the central belt.

The best people to make local decisions will always be local politicians, and the decision to refer the councillors’ fate to a UK-level is deeply disappointing. It’s time for the Aberdeen Labour councillors to be reinstated without delay, or we risk being punished by voters in the city.”