hugh penningtonProfessor Hugh Pennington tells us why he has launched an online petition calling on the Labour Party to end the suspension of the nine Aberdeen Labour councillors who are delivering Labour policies in the city.


I came to Aberdeen from Glasgow almost 40 years ago. I soon became aware of the big differences between them. Since then I have spent much time fighting central belt bias in organisations like the NHS.

It’s right and proper to compete with Glasgow and Edinburgh for resources. But for democratically elected Aberdeen councillors to be told what to do – or else – by a committee in Glasgow is very very different.

The Aberdeen nine are delivering Labour policies for the benefit of the citizens of Aberdeen – building houses and schools and maintaining a no compulsory redundancy policy. I am familiar with their work at a detailed level and have great admiration for their outstanding professionalism, as well as their long-standing dedication to Labour.

Their current coalition arrangement is needed to allow them to run a progressive administration in Aberdeen, which is what they are doing. I do not understand why they are being treated so shabbily, or why such treatment has gone on so long. It is providing ammunition to those who wish us harm.

While it is too late for the Scottish Executive Committee to heed Oliver Cromwell’s words to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken”, by launching an online petition I am calling for the National Executive Committee to end the suspension of the Aberdeen nine and restore their full rights as Labour Party members without delay.


You can sign the petition here. Thank you.