Commenting on today’s report from the Fabian Society which suggested that Labour could enter into a so-called “progressive alliance with the SNP and Liberal Democrats to form the next government, Scottish Labour MSP Anas Sarwar said:

“Repeated talk of a ‘progressive alliance’ is laughable. The SNP is not a progressive party.

There have been no redistributive polices from the SNP in government. Under the SNP we have seen the worst reports on our NHS and education system since devolution. Just last month the SNP and the Tories joined forces to defeat a Labour proposal for a progressive tax system.

Under the SNP, Tory austerity is simply being passed on in Scotland, with the Nationalists planning a £327million cut to valued local services in 2017. That is not progressive – it is a budget a Tory Chancellor would be proud of.

There is also nothing progressive about seeking to break away from the rest of the UK – our biggest trading partner. That’s why there will be no support from Scottish Labour for a second independence referendum.

And, of course, the SNP doesn’t want an alliance with Labour – it hates the Labour Party and believes its destruction and the continuation of Tory government in Westminster is the route to independence.

People across the UK should spend less time focusing on Nicola Sturgeon’s grandstanding and look at what is actually happening in Scotland and the SNP’s record in government.”