There’s been much speculation about what shape the referendum question will take, if and when Alex finally gets round to asking it.

And it’s assumed that we’ll be asked not only about independence (and a convoluted question at that, aimed at prompting the “right” answer) but also about “Independence Lite” or “Devolution Max” or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Independence” or whatever we’re calling it now.

Yet Labour, in partnership with the other Unionist parties, have already agreed and secured more powers for Holyrood – through the Calman Commission and the new Scotland Bill – without the need for a referendum. So why can’t Alex do the same? He’s never appeared reluctant in this regard before.

So, here’s Question No.3 in the series of Questions to which the answer is “Er…”:

Why does Alex Salmond think he needs a referendum before he can negotiate more powers for Holyrood?

I’m sure all the regular nationalist readers can hit the pause button on Braveheart for long enough to answer this one in the comments thread.

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